Find and Win a brand-new Apple Watch at

26 Feb 2018

Find and Win a brand-new Apple Watch at

Find and win contest

Always wanted to own an Apple Watch? ABF is giving one away! We’ve hidden gold, silver and bronze prizes in our ABF store for you to find. Try your luck. See if you can find one of the 16 prizes ABF is giving away.

To begin playing this game, activate your account (if it hasn’t already been activated) and login. Now the fun begins ‒ the search for a gold, silver or bronze prize. Scroll through our product pages to find these hidden treasures. Have you found a gold, silver or bronze prize on one of our product pages? Then make a print screen (PrtScn) shot of the URL of the page where you saw the prize. Send the print screen shot with your name and company name to That’s all there is to it! Start searching right now.

Find and Win Prizes

The first hint to your prices

The contest ends at 16-03-2018 . You have until 12-03-2018 to send us your e-mail and the print screen shot. If you are one of the lucky winners, you will receive a personal e-mail from the ABF Marketing Department on 14-03-2018 informing you about the awarded prize. We will ship your prize shortly thereafter to your company address. Read our terms & conditions for all action related information.

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