The ABF forest

After a year where dramatic circumstances have impacted all of us, we would like to end with a green gesture. We planted a forest!

A forest. Got it.

The ABF forest consists of 200 Moringa trees and was planted in collaboration with Treedom. The trees were planted in Kenya, where they will be taken care of by local farmers. These Moringa trees are known for a combination of healing properties and highly nutritious leaves. Furthermore, the forest will absorb approximately 40,000kg worth of carbon-dioxide over the course of ten years.

The ABF forest

The ABF forest consists of 200 Moringa trees and was planted in collaboration with Treedom.

Tree planted by ABF


Moringa tree


Moringa oleifera

Date of birth




Moringa Tree

It has a trunk erect but soft and spongy. The wood of Moringa is weak to the point that the branches, thin and twisted, are pendulous. The flowers are creamy white in color, are excellent producers of nectar for bees. It is planted to facilitate agricultural cultivation. Thanks to its fertilizers, naturally enriched soils impoverished.


Food security 8
CO2 absorption 4
Economic development 6
Environmental protection 7

Capture CO2

By planting the Moringa tree we will offset


kg of CO2

Equal to fill up 219 trucks

Average annual compensation


CO2 compensation period

10 years

** The tree will continue to absorb CO2 even after the tenth year. Therefore this is a prudent estimate

* Data provided by Google Public Data.

About project

The Moringa trees were planted in Kenya by local farmers who will take care of them. Treedom helps farmers in developing countries with small scale forestry projects. The result of this approach? A stable income and a healthier environment. This helps bring these farmers closer to a better future.

About Treedom