Felstrom® Industrial Essentials

You may be looking for an affordable product to get the job done. But you want to be sure of its quality. That is why we are pleased to offer the Felstrom® brand: an affordable alternative to the well-known A-brands. Felstrom, founded in 2015, combines the right quality with a friendly price. This makes Felstrom products the smartest choice.

Fixed product range

Felstrom produces high-quality industrial essentials: from ball bearings to electric motors and from housing units to withdrawal sleeves: within each product group Felstrom offers a fixed range with with good value for money.

Comprehensive product information

Felstrom is known for its comprehensive product information. Unique product pictures, datasheets and product specifications are available for each product. All this information is readily available in our online store, which makes it easy to make the right choice.

Individually packed

All Felstrom products are packed individually, and come in their own, stylish box. This way, Felstrom provides an attractive presentation on your shelves. This also means they can be easily sold individually.

Delivered from stock

As an official distributor for Felstrom, ABF has a wide range of Felstrom articles in stock. All Felstrom orders will be dispatched on the same working day.

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