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    Needle Roller and Cage Assembly

    Needle roller bearings use small-diameter cylindrical rollers. The length of these needle-like rollers is several times greater than the diameter. This design enables needle roller bearings to have a very small cross-sectional area to support high radial loads. This makes them suitable when radial installation space is limited. Looking for a needle bearing in the haystack? Our specialists will be happy to help you make the right choice.

    • BK2538 FAG
      BK2538 FAG

      0.069 kg · Needle Roller and Cage Assembly

      77 pcs of equivalents
      BK2538 FAG
    • NA6910A.C3 FAG
      NA6910A.C3 FAG

      0.515 kg · Needle Roller and Cage Assembly

      NA6910A.C3 FAG
      1 pc
    • NRB3X5-G2/-2-4 INA
      NRB3X5-G2/-2-4 INA
    • NRB3X10,8-G2/-8-10 INA
      NRB3X10,8-G2/-8-10 INA
      2,000 pcs
    • NRB5X16,8-G2/0-2 INA
      NRB5X16,8-G2/0-2 INA
      2,000 pcs
      · 77 pcs of equivalents
    • NRB4X32,8-G2/0-2 INA
      NRB4X32,8-G2/0-2 INA
      2,000 pcs
    • NRB6X28,8G2/+2+0 INA
      NRB6X28,8G2/+2+0 INA
      498 pcs
    • K42X47X30-ZW-A/-2-4 INA
      K42X47X30-ZW-A/-2-4 INA
    • K26X30X17-A/-2-4 INA
      K26X30X17-A/-2-4 INA
    • K25X29X10-A INA
      K25X29X10-A INA

      0.008 kg · Needle Roller and Cage Assembly

      914 pcs of equivalents
      K25X29X10-A INA
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