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    Housing and Bearing (assembly)

    Housing units are housing and bearing assemblies with components which are matched to each other for reliable operation. These complete sets are ready for use and easy to mount. Housings simplify the installation of the bearing and shaft. Additionally, the bearing is supported and protected by the housing. Performing maintenance becomes easier while extending the bearing's lifespan. Different types and material combinations are available.

    • UCP211-J7 FAG
      UCP211-J7 FAG
    • UCP204-J7 FAG
      UCP204-J7 FAG
    • UCFL209-J7 FAG
      UCFL209-J7 FAG
    • UKP215-J7 FAG
      UKP215-J7 FAG

      6.64 kg · Housing unit

      2 pcs of equivalents
      UKP215-J7 FAG
    • UKP209-J7 FAG
      UKP209-J7 FAG

      2.29 kg · Housing unit

      6 pcs of equivalents
      UKP209-J7 FAG
    • UKF207-J7 FAG
      UKF207-J7 FAG

      1.57 kg · Housing unit

      46 pcs of equivalents
      UKF207-J7 FAG
    • UCP218-J7 FAG
      UCP218-J7 FAG
    • UCP215-J7 FAG
      UCP215-J7 FAG
    • UCFL218-J7 FAG
      UCFL218-J7 FAG

      10.39 kg · Housing unit

      51 pcs of equivalents
      UCFL218-J7 FAG
    • UCFL213-J7 FAG
      UCFL213-J7 FAG
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