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6219-M-J20AA-C3 FAG

Current-Insulating Bearing 95x170x32mm

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About the 6219-M-J20AA-C3 FAG

The 6219-M-J20AA-C3 FAG is an electrically insulated deep groove ball bearing. A special coating on the outer ring (J20AA) protects against bearing damage and eventual failure due to the passage of electric current.

Electrically insulated bearings are marketed by FAG with the suffix J20. The J20AA indicates the addition of an aluminum oxide coating on the outer ring to withstand voltages up to 3.000 V DC.

Specs 6219-M-J20AA-C3 FAG

The 6219-M-J20AA-C3 can be seen as an upgrade for the standard non-insulated 6219-M-C3 ball bearing with a protection against electric current passage. The specifications are therefore identical to the 6219-M-C3 deep groove ball bearing.

The 6219-M-J20AA-C3 FAG has an inner dimension or bore (d) of 95mm, an outer dimension (D) of 170mm and a width or thickness (B) of 32mm. The 6219-M-J20AA-C3 is open on both sides (it has no seals), has a brass cage (M) and an internal play greater than Normal (C3). FAG current-insulating bearings with a basic coated outer ring, like the 6219-M-J20AA-C3 can withstand voltages up to 3.000 volt. The weight of the 6219-M-J20AA-C3 FAG is 3,38 kg.

Suffix explanation 6219-M-J20AA-C3 FAG

Why use FAG current-insulating bearings?

In general, it is difficult to eliminate the causes of electrical voltage in a bearing. Under unfavorable conditions the passage of electric current causes damage to raceways and rolling elements as well as degradation of the lubricant. Which, in addition, will result in premature, unexpected failure of a motor or generator. Therefore FAG current-insulating bearings are commonly used in applications where damaging effect of electrical erosion is likely, such as:

Choosing FAG current-insulating bearings for your application will prove to be most cost-effective, considering the repair work and cost of machine downtime and lost production, in case of bearing failure due to electric current passage. To prevent these extra cost it's recommended to opt for electrically insulated in the planning stage. As a result, you will benefit from reduced maintenance costs and higher machine availability. FAG current-insulating bearings like the 6219-M-J20AA-C3 FAG are available for this purpose.

About FAG

FAG is a brand of the Schaeffler Group Industrial originated in Germany. The Schaeffler Group produces two major bearing brands: FAG and INA. FAG is known for its strength in innovation, high-quality standards and wide portfolio of bearings and related products. If you choose to buy a product from FAG you are ensured of a top quality product.