Carriage LFKL, compact carriage, clearance-free

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The LFKL52-SF INA is a compact carriage. This type is very suitable for use in contaminated environments. The closed design protects the track rollers from dirt particles. Two integrated lubrication units guarantee easy lubrication. The compact carriage consists of an anodized carriage plate, four concentric bolts, four track rollers, and two sealing strips. The two lubrication and cleaning units are supplied separately.

LFKL52-SF INA carriages run silent and clearance-free on INA profiles, at speeds of up to 10 m/s and a maximum acceleration of 50 m/s2. They can be used in conjunction with all rail segments of appropriate size except for curved LFSR rail segments. Thanks to the particularly accurate dimensions of INA rails no clearance adjustments are required. Additionally, the track roller bearings feature double-sided gap seals and are self-lubricating and maintenance-free during their service life.