NJ2210E.M1A.C3 FAG

Single-row cylindrical roller bearing with NJ design

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The NJ2210E.M1A.C3 FAG is a single-row cylindrical roller bearing with cage. This bearing consists of a solid inner and outer ring with cylindrical rollers in a cage. This cage prevents contact between the cylinder rollers, so this bearing type can support higher speeds than full-complement cylinder roller bearings. Also, single-row cylindrical roller bearings with cages are very rigid and they can take high radial forces. As the inner and outer rings of these bearings can be easily disassembled, they are very easy to install. Applications of single-row cylindrical roller bearings include gearboxes, agricultural machinery, pumps, compressors, and electric motors.

The NJ2210E.M1A.C3 FAG is a single-row cylindrical bearing with NJ design. The outer ring has two rigid ribs, while the inner ring has one rigid rib. As a result, NJ bearings can support radial forces as well as axial forces in a single direction. This bearing type is used as a support bearing. Support bearings allow axial displacement of the shaft relative to the housing in one direction. The shaft is located axially in the other direction. NJ bearings can also be used as locating bearings by combining them with HJ angle rings (available separately). Locating bearings are used to locate a shaft axially in both directions.