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NJ2222-E-XL-M1-C4 FAG

Cylindrical Roller Bearing 110x200x53mm X-Life

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Category information NJ2222-E-XL-M1-C4 FAG

Single row cylindrical roller bearings with cage, like the NJ2222-E-XL-M1-C4 FAG, are units comprising solid inner and outer rings together with cylindrical roller and cage assemblies.

The outer rings have rigid ribs on both sides or no ribs, the inner rings have one or two rigid ribs or are designed without ribs. The cage prevents the cylindrical rollers from coming into contact with each other during rolling.

The cage type bearings are very rigid, can support high radial loads and, due to the cage, are suitable for higher speeds than the full complement designs.

The bearings are separable and are therefore easier to fit and dismantle. Both bearing rings can be given a tight fit by this process.

Applications of NJ2222-E-XL-M1-C4 FAG

X-LIFE: Longer rating and operating life of NJ2222-E-XL-M1-C4 FAG

The NJ2222-E-XL-M1-C4 FAG is according to the latest X-life quality from Schaeffler. They replace, and are interchangeable, with the NJ2222-E-M1-C4 and NJ2222E.M1.C4.

Bearings of X-life quality have, for example, lower roughness Ra and higher geometrical accuracy of the raceways than comparable designs that are not X-life. As a result, these bearings have higher load carrying capacity and longer life for the same dimensioning. In certain applications, this means that a smaller bearing arrangement can be designed.

Improved X-life product features
Technical advantages X-life products
Why choose X-life quality?

Product specifications NJ2222-E-XL-M1-C4 FAG

Bearings with the suffix E have a higher capacity roller set and are thus designed for very high load carrying capacity.

NJ2222-E-XL-M1-C4 FAG is a semi-locating bearing

Cylindrical roller bearings NJ are semi-locating bearings. Semi-locating bearings can support not only high radial forces but also axial forces in one direction and can therefore guide shafts axially in one direction. They act as non-locating bearings in the opposite direction. The bearings have two ribs on the outer ring and one rib on the inner ring.

Axial displacement: The outer and inner ring can be axially displaced relative to each other in one direction only by the value “s”.

Bearings with L-section ring: Non-locating bearings NJ can be combined with an L-section ring HJ to form a locating bearing unit. This design has two ribs on the outer ring, one rib on the inner ring and an L-section ring for the ribless side of the inner ring. The L-section rings suitable for the bearings are indicated in the dimension tables. The bearing and L-section ring must be ordered separately.

L-section rings: L-section rings are advantageous where, under high loads, the seating surface of the inner ring in NUP bearings with a loose rib washer is too small to provide a sufficiently high bearing seat. In some applications, they make it easier to fit and dismantle the bearings.

Sealing of NJ2222-E-XL-M1-C4 FAG

The bearings are supplied without seals.

Lubrication of NJ2222-E-XL-M1-C4 FAG

They can be lubricated from the end faces using grease or oil.

Operating temperature of NJ2222-E-XL-M1-C4 FAG

Single row cylindrical roller bearings with cage can be used at operating temperatures from –30 °C to +150 °C.

Cage of NJ2222-E-XL-M1-C4 FAG

The suffix M1 indicates bearings with brass cages guided by rollers.

Suffix info NJ2222-E-XL-M1-C4 FAG