Merger ABF Bearings and ABF Motors

By Ben van Oosterhout - 30 Nov 2021

Merger ABF Bearings and ABF Motors

On 1 December, ABF Motors has merged with ABF Bearings. From now on, the two companies will operate under the name ABF. By merging both companies, we can simplify various processes.

This merger will increase our efficiency and as such is a logical step forward. For our customers not much will change. Only the names ABF Motors and ABF Bearings will no longer be used in our communication. From now on, both the bearings and the electric motors are supplied by ABF.

A single invoice will be sent for combined orders of bearings and electric motors. The account number of ABF Bearings (NL73 RABO 0174 3172 47) will be maintained, the account of ABF Motors (NL63 RABO 0103 7643 80) will be cancelled. In this way the merger will also lead to less administration and more convenience for our customers!

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