Expansion of Siemens Product Range. Got It.

By Claartje Schoonebeek - 29 Oct 2019

Expansion of Siemens Product Range. Got It.

ABF has recently expanded its range of Siemens electric motors. Our warehouse holds hundreds of electric motors from this leading manufacturer, all ready for shipment. Each and every one of these Siemens electric motors combine high efficiency with a very sturdy build quality that meets the strictest guidelines, in accordance with IEC standards.

The range we carry contains two-pole and four-pole versions in different frame sizes. The power range varies from 0.09 to 18.5 kW. Low-voltage motors are also in stock now.

When it comes to mounting, Siemens also offers a convenient level of flexibility. Models with a removable base can, for instance, be installed when only a flange is required. Is there limited space available to install the motor, but your machine still needs extra power? In such cases a motor with a progressive design offers a suitable solution. The models with increased power are also available in various IEC frame sizes.

Need help to make the right choice? Our Product Specialist Motors will gladly offer ideas and personalised advice. When you’ve made your choice, we make things as convenient as possible. Prices are visible in our online shop after you’ve logged in using your ABF account. You won’t have to wait for a quote, and the order will be shipped that same working day. You can find the current delivery date per forwarder in our online shop.

Our range of Siemens electric motors
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