IMPORTANT: COVID-19 news page

By claartjeschoonebeek - 29 May 2020

IMPORTANT: COVID-19 news page

The impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is keeping the world in an iron grip. ABF strives to minimise the risk and consequences for both our staff and our customers. ABF therefore continuously observes all precautionary measures. This means that, within ABF, the guidelines of our government are strictly adhered to.

Fortunately, even in this exceptional situation ABF is able to continue its daily work. We are available as usual and we will ensure that your order is processed quickly and correctly, just as you are used from us.

To be able to inform you about further developments that may affect your order, we will show relevant updates below. We will also keep a close eye on reports from our delivery partners UPS, Schenker and TNT.

(29/05/2020) Update ABF

(19/05/2020) Update delivery partners 

(19/05/2020) Update ABF

From today onwards, the Pick-Up Counter is open again. Due to health regulations, the following rules apply:

(15/05/2020) General update

(01/05/2020) Update delivery partners

  • UPS has informed us that they have suspended their ‘guaranteed’ deliveries until further notice. It affects all shipments from any origin to any destination. Therefore we can not promise guaranteed deliveries for UPS parcels. For more details, please visit the UPS news page. 

(28/04/2020) General update

(17/04/2020) Update ABF

(16/04/2020) Update delivery partners

(12/04/2020) Update delivery partners

(07/04/2020) Update delivery partners 

(07/04/2020) Update ABF

(30/03/2020) Update delivery partners

(26/03/2020) Update ABF

(24/03/2020) Update delivery partners

(24/03/2020) Update ABF

(23/03/2020) Update ABF

(20/3/2020) Update delivery partners

(19/3/2020) Update ABF

(19/3/2020) Update delivery partners

(18/3/2020) Update delivery partners

(18/3/2020) Update ABF

You can help us minimizing the risks and consequences for our employees’ health, by:

(17/3/2020) Update ABF

(17/3/2020) Update delivery partners

(16/3/2020) Precautions ABF


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