Over 10 million bearings and electric motors

By Arjen van Beek - 8 Feb 2021

Over 10 million bearings and electric motors

Milestone reached! Year after year, we have made substantial investments in our stock. We are continuously adding new products and series. Recently, we passed a special number. The ABF warehouse now contains over 10 million bearings and electric motors!

Such a considerable stock does not form overnight. In 2008, the number stood at 1 million units. In 2011, this number doubled and since then, we’ve added about one million items each year. And now the magic 10-million barrier has been crossed!

All products are shipped on the same day of ordering. You can draw directly from our stocks, reducing your need for expensive storage space. A promise we have always stood for, even at 10 million units.

On to 20 million!

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