Thank you for your vote during our Christmas campaign

By claartjeschoonebeek - 8 Jan 2020

Thank you for your vote during our Christmas campaign

Many of you voted for our Christmas campaign last month. We feel proud that we raised the splendid sum total of €9,627.

We’ll divide this up based on your votes between War Child, the WWF and Animal Aid Unlimited. The final amount includes donations from our staff, for which we are very grateful.

Part of the donation to War Child will be used on the project ‘Can’t Wait to Learn’ for the alternative teaching method that they and their partners developed for children living in conflict areas. Thanks to tablet education, these children can learn in a playful way and work on their future.

The donation to the WWF can be put to good use for the campaign ‘Free the Sea’ tackling plastic in nature environments in the Coral Triangle. The WWF will provide educational programmes within the communities to educate about alternatives to plastic. They can also use the donation to get more veterinarians into action to care for animals that are the victims of plastic waste. And a boat can be used to clean up the plastic soup in areas where sea turtles and manta rays live.

On top of that we will donate to WWF Australia, to protect the koalas habitat. As right now Australia is being ravaged by one of the most devastating bushfire seasons, help is urgently needed.

The donation to Animal Aid Unlimited will be used for blankets for the animals this winter and for their medicines. There are high monthly costs to continue to care for the animals in the region of Udaipur, India. That’s why every donation is put to good use.

We are proud that our end-of-year action has supported these wonderful charities.

Thanks once again for your votes. All the best for 2020!

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