Your own delivery note with your order

By Arjen van Beek - 18 May 2020

Your own delivery note with your order

Sending your order directly to your customer, including your own delivery note? It is now possible to add your own delivery note to your order in the ABF online store.

“For years we’ve had the option to ship a package without mentioning ABF to ‘our client’s client’,” says Sander Oorthuijs, Sales Manager at ABF. “This enables our customers to supply their clients directly from our stock”.

“During my customer visits I regularly heard the wish to add an own delivery note to an order,” Oorthuijs continues. “During the corona crisis we saw the number of drop shipment deliveries increase. That’s why we immediately tackled this with our software developers and it’s now possible to upload your own delivery note in the ABF online store”.

During checkout in the ABF online store, you can now upload your own delivery note. This will be added to your order free of charge. A handy option, especially in these times, with which your order will arrive at your customer faster and with fewer contact moments.

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