“ABF’s ISO Certification truly deserved”

23 Oct 2018

“ABF’s ISO Certification truly deserved”

ABF has had its ISO 9001 certification extended to 2021. “And this is truly deserved”, according to Auditor Peter van Herk.

ISO 9001 is the international standard to indicate that a company has a good quality system in place. Peter van Herk, on behalf of TÜV Rheinland, carried out the audit at ABF. As an Auditor, Van Herk regularly comes across technical companies. Companies he has a great deal of affinity with in view of his technical background. “And yet, I keep being amazed by the enormous diversity of bearings and electric motors that ABF have in stock”, Van Herk comments.

As part of the audit, various random tests were done and employees were interviewed. At ABF, this all happens in a pleasant atmosphere, Van Herk observes. Everyone is approachable and open. “People are often apprehensive about answering. They may feel that it is they who are being assessed rather than the company’s processes.”

“ABF has truly deserved its certification. The systems and procedures are known, easily accessible and properly adhered to across the entire organisation. You notice that ABF is growing. And this is for good reason: it is obvious from my audits and feedback from customers that ABF has its processes well in place. ABF has everything perfectly under control.”

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